Ear Wax Removal

Our audiologists are trained to remove ear wax using micro-suction and curette (specific ear wax removal tools) techniques.

Step 1: Assessment

Our audiologists will ask you about; your ear history, ear health, general health and any contraindications to ear wax removal.

Before commencing, our audiologists will conduct a thorough inspection of your ear canal using the binocular microscope and assess the situation. They will advise you of the next steps.

You will need to keep you head still during the whole ear wax removal procedure.

Step 2: Ear wax removal via micro-suction

A small suction tube attached to a suction machine is used to remove the ear wax from your ear canal. This works a little bit like a vacuum cleaner. You will need to keep your head still during the whole ear wax removal procedure.

Step 3: Ear wax removal using other techniques

Our audiologists may also use special micro ear wax loops or forceps to gently remove any wax or foreign object in the ear canal that cannot be removed using micro-suction.

Step 4: If all wax cannot be removed

In most cases wax can be entirely removed during the appointment; however there are instances where this is not possible and a subsequent appointment is necessary. Some of the main reasons that wax is not able to be removed during the appointment include:

Our audiologists will advise you about the need for any subsequent appointment.

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