About Us

Most of us never had to learn to hear, we discovered a world of sound before we were even born. We may have taken that for granted. Using hearing instruments gives us the chance to rediscover our world. Hearing well again may help you feel more confident to take on the world and it's challenges on a daily basis. It is also beneficial for your loved ones! Friends and family can now enjoy how easy it is to communicate with you. You can enjoy sharing a conversation, laughter and music together again.

This is the vision and goals that we strive to achieve though our extensive knowledge, professional service and high quality advanced technology at our fingertips. Our team has years of experience in guiding our clients to achieve the goals for each individual that walks through our door.


Kevin (2019/03/17)

We all take hearing for granted, after years of not being able to hear normally, I visited the Audiologist at Dr. Mariekie Ciilliers & Nici Jansen Van Rensburg i can now finally hear all the sounds i have not been able to hear for over 19 years, words cannot express my gratitude towards you and the team.

I would just like to thank Dr. Mariekie Ciilliers & Nici Jansen Van Rensburg for helping me ragain my hearing and listen to the wonderful sounds that I have forgotten existed.

Teresa (2019/03/10)

Since I have received my hearing aid, I can hear so much better and can finally listen to the sounds of nature. Life wouldnt be the same without Dr. Mariekie Ciilliers & Nici Jansen Van Rensburg. Thank you so much, i love it!